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Offering Wilderness Trails for Training and Outdoor Events



We offer Big Fun Rides where we open our facility for the day and our 65 miles of trails to Jeeps, Broncos, Dirt Bikes, ATV's, Quads, Buggies, etc for a great day of riding and exploring.

  • We offer digital maps free for Google Earth
  • We try to offer on sight food trucks for our events
  • Gates open at 9AM Ride Day
  • Need to be off property by 5PM Ride Day
  • $25/Driver
  • $20/Passenger or Spectator
  • Kids under 12 FREE with family
  • Great Family Fun

Next Big Fun Ride:

  • Sunday June 18

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We are proud to introduce our Preferred Training Partner  - Achilles Heel Tactical and the course at Ben Franklin Range

  • We also rent our outstanding facility and ranges to all training companies
  • Law Enforcement Agencies can also rent our outstanding facility and ranges

Ben Franklin Range offers the following facilities:

Training capabilities 24/7 365 no sound restrictions

  • 2 story 6,000 sq.ft. shoot house
  • 2 50x100 yard turf flat ranges
  • 600m known distance
  • 750m unknown distance range
  • 2,500 yard range
  • Law enforcement, military, government, private training packages
  • Survival and preparedness training
  • On-site lodging
  • Property and ranges are available for rental by public

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Ben Franklin Range offers a full array of Firearms safety and training as well as full service firearms and accessory sales by appointment. Themis Arms Center, which has concentrated on LE sales, now offers Ben Franklin Range customers the same individual sales experience on site by appointment.

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Dynamic Firing Ranges and Firearms Training Facilities

Elevate your pistol and rifle shooting skills by training at the Ben Franklin Range in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. We’re a new and unique facility sitting on 1,100 acres of wilderness and more than 65 miles of off-road trails.

Eager to give back to the community, we strive to create a positive impact on people’s lives. We host a variety of firearms training and outdoor events.

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For Unique Shooting and Outdoor Experiences

America’s premier facility houses a 6,000-square-foot force-on-force customizable shoot house for Simunitions. Trainees are mentored by experienced instructors at the facility’s various pistol and rifle firing ranges.

Meet up with an onsite firearms dealer just as eager to help you find the products you need, as well as the firearms-related information you seek. We also provide trainees and participants of special events with convenient onsite lodging.

Ben Franklin Range

The nation’s premier, one-of-a-kind facility providing elite training and unique outdoor experiences while giving back and making a positive impact in the community and in the lives of others.

Key Facility Features


  • Shooting can Occur 24/7/365 with no restrictions.
  • Live-Fire Shooting Range
  • Known and Unknown Distance Ranges
  • 1 Miles Range  - Coming Soon

SIM Shoot House

  • 6,000 Sq Ft 2 Story Structure
  • Customizable Configurations/Rooms
  • Various Points of Entry and Structure All Under Roof
  • Customizable Lighting

On-Site Lodging

  • Sleeps up to 15 in bunk beds 
  • 3 Full bathrooms
  • Safe and Secure storage of equipment
  • Kitchenette
  • Living Room Area

Wilderness Training Facilities

  • Wilderness Skills Area
  • Land Navigation Area
  • Paradrop Landing Area
  • 4 Helicopter Landing Zones
  • Camping Facilities Throughout the Property
  • Paintball and Airsoft Setups on the Property
  • More Than 65 Miles of Off-Road Trails
  • 6,000-Squarefoot, 2-Story Shoot House – UTM/AirSoft

Onsite Conveniences

  • Pro Shop
  • Lodging for Class Participants
  • Trailer Hookups
  • State-of-the-Art Classrooms/Training Facilities

Explore More Facility Features

Go beyond obtaining firearms training and joining pistol/rifle shooting activities. You’ll discover more exciting things to do in the wild with us at Ben Franklin Range.